About user roles

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In SharePoint Team Services, the Web site administrator assigns a user to a role to manage the user's rights and permissions on the Web site. Every user of a Web site must be assigned to at least one role and can be assigned to multiple roles. The Web site administrator assigns a user to one or more roles when the user is added to the Web site.

User roles

The following roles are available for SharePoint Team Services by default. Each role gives the user rights to perform specific actions on a Web site or virtual server.

  • Browser  View the pages in the Web site. This role contains the following rights: FrontPage Browse, View Web Document Discussions, and View Lists.

  • Contributor  Participate in document discussions and subscribe to documents or folders. This role contains all Browser rights plus the following rights: Author Lists, Author Web Document Discussions, Close Web Document Discussions, and Subscribe To Document.

  • Author  Add pages to the Web site and edit tasks and lists. This role contains all Contributor rights plus the following rights: Author Lists, Author Pages.

  • Advanced Author  Edit a Web site in a SharePoint Team Services-compatible Web page editor, such as Microsoft FrontPage 2002. This role contains all Author rights plus the following rights: Border Web, Theme Web, Design Lists, Link Style Sheets, and Recalc Web.

  • Administrator  Manage a Web site or virtual server. This role contains all rights.

Custom roles

The Web site administrator can create custom roles that include specific user rights. Use custom roles if you want more flexibility in determining what actions particular users can take on a Web site.

For example, if you want a role for your organization's interns, so they can browse pages in the Web site and participate in document discussions, you could create a role called "Interns" and assign only the rights you want to that role.