What is a SharePoint team Web site?

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If you are using SharePoint Team Services, you can create SharePoint team Web sites. These sites are workgroup Web sites that help team members manage a project. They include special pages and forms, such as the following:

The administrator and advanced author of a SharePoint team Web site can customize the site by using the browser or by using  a SharePoint Team Services-compatible Web page editor, such as Microsoft FrontPage 2002. They can add pages to the site, move pages around, or customize views and formats for the pages.

As a server administrator, you can determine which features are enabled for any team Web sites on your server. For example, you can determine whether users can subscribe to a page within the team Web site and be notified when the page changes, or whether team members can use discussion boards to discuss issues of common interest. Similarly, Web site administrators can disable features that they don't want team members to use. For example, even if subscriptions are turned on globally, the administrator of a Web site can turn them off for that Web site.