Extend a virtual server

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You can enhance your existing virtual servers to add SharePoint Team Services-based features such as Web document discussions, document libraries, and so on. This process is called extending a virtual server.

  1. On the Server Administration page for the server, under Virtual Servers, locate the virtual server that you want to extend.

  2. In the row for that virtual server, click Extend.

  3. In the Administrator box, type the administrator name for the virtual server.

  4. If necessary, enter the collaboration database settings to use.


    1. In the Database area, in the Database Server box, type the name of the server that the database is stored on.

    2. In the Database Account Username box, type the administrator name for the database.

    3. In the Database Account Password box, type the administrator password for the database.

  5. In the Site Type area, select a site type.

  6. Click Submit.


If you want to extend a new virtual server, you must create the virtual server by using the Internet Services Manager in Windows 2000 or later.