decimalTextBox Element

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The decimalTextBox element represents a text box with or without a spin control for entering decimal numbers as a policy setting parameter. The decimalTextBox element must be associated with a decimal element defined in the elements element.

<decimalTextBox refId="<placeholderID>"
     Placeholder label:</decimalTextBox>

where Placeholder label is label text for the parameter.


Attributes Required Description

refId Attribute


A mapping to the element.

defaultValue Attribute


A default value. If not specified, the defaultValue attribute will be set to 1.

spin Attribute


If true, create a spin control; otherwise, create a text box for numeric entry. This attribute is true, by default.

spinStep Attribute


The increment of change for the spin control. If not specified, the spinStep attribute will be set to 1.

There are no child elements associated with this element.

The decimalTextBox element is associated with either a spin box or numeric text box parameter in the Group Policy Object Editor. The decimalTextBox element will require a matching decimal element in the corresponding .admx file with matching id attribute as declared in the presentation element containing the decimalTextBox element.

This XML fragment is an example of a decimalTextBox element that is associated with a spin control that displays a default value of 900 and increments or decrements by steps of 60.

        <decimalTextBox refId="Sample_NumericTextLabel"
              spinStep="60">Spin box label:</decimalTextBox>

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