Updated: January 21, 2005

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2


Installs a limited set of optional components.


sysocmgr[.exe] /i:InfFile.inf [/u:AnswerFilePathAndName [/q][/w]] [/r] [/z] [/n] [/f] [/c] [/x] [/l]

/i: InfFile .inf
Required. Designates the InfFile.inf that you specify as the master .inf file.

/u: AnswerFilePathAndName
Specifies the path and file name of an optional answer file that contains parameters for unattended installation.

Runs the unattended installation without a user interface. You cannot use /q without /u.

Prompts the user before rebooting, only if reboot is required. You cannot use /w without /u.

Suppresses reboot. If reboot is not necessary, this command-line option has no effect.

Indicates that the arguments that follow are not optional component arguments and they should be passed to the components.

Forces the master .inf to be treated as new.

Indicates that all component installation states should be initialized as if their installers had never been run.

Disallows cancellation during the final installation phase.

Suppresses the initializing banner.

Multi-language aware installation.

[/?] [/h] [IncorrectSyntax]
Displays help in a separate window, not at the command prompt.


The following example shows how you can use sysocmgr:

sysocmgr.exe /i:sysoc.inf /u:unattend.txt

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