Movetree Syntax

Updated: March 28, 2003

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

MoveTree Syntax

MoveTree uses the following syntax:

Art Image movetree {/start | /continue | /check} /s SrcDSA /d DstDSA /sdn SrcDN /ddn DstDN [/u [Domain\]UserName /p Password] [/verbose]


Starts a MoveTree operation. This command includes a /check operation by default. MoveTree tries to continue the operation until it is complete. If there is a network fault or if the destination domain controller becomes unavailable, then MoveTree pauses the operation. If an operation has been paused, it can be continued by using the /continue command.

Continues the execution of a previously paused or failed MoveTree operation. This allows the MoveTree operation to continue even if a network fault or a domain controller error has interrupted the initial operation. Specifying /sdn SrcDN is optional for this command.

Performs a test run of the MoveTree operation checking the whole tree without moving any objects. This enables the administrator to determine if there is sufficient disk space on the destination server, if there are any conflicts with object names or if there are any objects that could not be moved (such as Domain Local or Global groups). The administrator can then take remedial action before performing the actual move.

The /check command returns an error if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The user does not have the necessary permissions to create objects in the destination container.

  • The destination server does not have sufficient disk space to continue the operation.

  • A relative distinguished name conflict exists on the destination server.

  • There is a samAccountName conflict for any object that would be moved.

  • Any objects cannot be moved because they are built-in accounts, or they are either a Domain Local or a Global group.

  • Any computer objects would be moved. To move computer accounts and join the computers to the domain, use Netdom Overview, a Windows Support Tool.

/s SrcDSA
Specifies the fully qualified primary DNS name of the source server in the domain from which the objects are being moved (for example, Required for all MoveTree commands.

/d DstDSA
Specifies the fully qualified primary DNS name of the destination server in the domain to which the objects are being moved (for example, Required for all MoveTree commands.

/sdn SrcDN
Specifies the distinguished name of the source subtree (the object being moved) (for example, OU=Promotions,DC=Marketing,DC=Microsoft,DC=Com). Required for the /start, /startnocheck, and /check commands; optional for /continue.

/ddn DstDN
Specifies the distinguished name of the destination subtree (to which the object is being moved) (for example, OU=Promotions,DC=Sales,DC=Microsoft,DC=Com). Required for all MoveTree commands.

/u [Domain\]UserName /p Password
Runs MoveTree under the credentials of an alternate user name and password. Optionally, Domain can be specified as well. If these optional arguments are not provided, MoveTree uses the credentials of the currently logged-on user.

Runs MoveTree in verbose mode, which displays more details about the operation as it runs. Optional.

/? or /help
Displays this information on a command-line syntax screen.

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