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Migrating Machine.config Attributes to IIS 6.0 Metabase Property Settings

Updated: August 22, 2005

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 with SP1

When you upgrade a server running IIS 5.0 and version 1.0 of the .NET Framework, the ASP.NET applications can depend on specific attribute settings in the <processModel> section of the Machine.config file. The <processModel> section configures the ASP.NET process model settings and therefore affects all ASP.NET applications running on an IIS Web server. If any of the following Machine.config attributes exist, you must migrate the attribute configuration settings to their equivalent metabase property settings in IIS 6.0.

Follow the deployment steps in this section only when IIS 6.0 is configured to run in worker process isolation mode. When IIS 6.0 is configured to run in IIS 5.0 isolation mode, IIS 6.0 reads the ASP.NET settings from the Machine.config file, and you do not need to migrate the Machine.config attribute settings. Thus, you can continue to the next step in the upgrade process.

Migrate the Machine.config attributes by adjusting the configuration settings in the Application Pools node in IIS Manager. The following table lists the Machine.config attributes and where to find more information about how to migrate the attributes.

Machine.config Attributes and How To Migrate Them

Machine.config Attribute Migrating This Attribute


See Migrating Performance-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Performance-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Recycling-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Identity-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Health-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Health-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Recycling-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Performance-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Health-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Recycling-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Identity-Related Attributes.


See Migrating Performance-Related Attributes.

The Machine.config attribute settings in Table 5.10 must be migrated to IIS 6.0 settings. However, you must still configure the following attribute settings in the Machine.config file:

  • maxWorkerThreads

  • maxIoThreads

  • responseDeadlockInterval

When configured to run in worker process isolation mode, IIS 6.0 and the .NET Framework ignore any <processModel> section Machine.config attribute settings that are not in the previous list or in the table above.

The <processModel> section of the Machine.config file configures the ASP.NET process model settings on an IIS Web server. The <processModel> section provides global configuration settings for all of the ASP.NET applications running on the server.

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