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Connect Macintosh clients to a printer

Updated: January 21, 2005

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

To connect Macintosh clients to a printer

  1. Verify that the print server is running the AppleTalk protocol, and Print Server for Macintosh.

  2. Set up a user account for Macintosh print jobs. For more information, see Related Topics.

  3. From a Macintosh client computer, connect to the printer using Macintosh Chooser.


  • Macintosh clients can connect to any printer on the Windows Server 2003 family network that runs the AppleTalk protocol.

  • Install the printer driver for Macintosh on each client that you want to connect to the printer.

  • Macintosh clients can search for printers on print server computers running a Windows Server 2003 family operating system by browsing for all printer addresses using Macintosh Chooser. Macintosh users do not have access to Active Directory.

  • If your Macintosh uses a protocol other than AppleTalk, such as TCP/IP, verify that both the clients and the print server run that protocol.

  • Because AppleTalk does not support client user names or passwords, Macintosh clients cannot identify themselves on a Windows Server 2003 family network, and the print server cannot impose user-level security on them. If a Macintosh client is physically able to send a job to the printer, it has implicit permission. However, an administrator can set user-level permission for all Macintosh print clients as a group.

  • Print Server for Macintosh is not available on the 64-bit versions of the Windows operating systems.

Information about functional differences

  • Your server might function differently based on the version and edition of the operating system that is installed, your account permissions, and your menu settings. For more information, see Viewing Help on the Web.

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