Administering Internal Web Site Using Windows SBS Console

Updated: August 21, 2008

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

You can manage your Internal Web site through the administrative tasks in the Windows SBS Console.

To display Internal Web site administrative tasks
  1. In the Windows SBS Console, click the Shared Folders and Web Sites tab.

  2. Click Web sites, and then select Internal Web site.

The following table lists the Internal Web site management tasks that are available in Windows SBS Console and their descriptions.

Table 1   Internal Web site Tasks in the Windows SBS Console

Task name Description

Disable this site

Disables the company's internal Web site.

Enable this site

Enables the company's internal Web site.

Browse this site

Launches the Web site in your Internet browser.

View site properties

Enables you view or edit the general information (such as the site title and site description), user access permissions, and Advanced settings of the company's internal Web site.

Manage permissions

Enables you to manage user's access to the company's internal Web site.

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