Managing the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Internal Web Site

Updated: August 21, 2008

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

Windows SBS 2008 provides a preconfigured internal Web site (an intranet) that is based on Windows SharePoint Services. The site is installed and configured when the server tools are installed. This site is available within the network at http://companyweb. Users can use the site to share information (such as documents, photographs, and upcoming events) from a central location on the server.

By default, the Internal Web site includes the following:

  • Announcement section   Share important announcements about your organization. By default this section includes step-by-step instructions for installing a welcome note and a self-issued certificate on your remote computer.

  • Calendar   Coordinate team meetings, vacation times, and other events that are related to your organization.

  • Archived E-Mails   Archive e-mail messages that are sent to a group.

  • Photos   Store photos of your organization and events.

  • Fax Center   Store incoming and outgoing faxes.

  • Links section  Includes a link to this Windows Small Business Server 2008 Client Computer Help document.

This document provides information to help you enable, configure, and manage a Windows SBS 2008 internal Web site. By following the instructions in this document, you can enable or disable the internal Web site, change its title and description, manage user permissions to site, and create e-mail enabled document libraries in the internal Web site. This information is presented in the following sections:

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