Updated: August 21, 2008

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

For users to access the resources available within the Windows SBS 2008 network, you need to create user accounts by using the Windows SBS 2008 administration tools. Then, by using their network user account and password, users can log on to any computer on the network (if they have permissions) and access network resources.

Managing user accounts in Windows SBS 2008 includes the following topics:

Understanding user account management security features   Discusses security best practices for managing user accounts such as using password polices, educating users about strong passwords, and not using administrator accounts for daily tasks.

Understanding users and computers in Windows Small Business Server 2008 network   Explains how users can access computers within the network.

Managing user accounts   Discusses how to add, configure, and customize user accounts.

Managing user roles   Explains how to use user roles for managing user account permissions and discusses how to add, configure, and customize user roles.

Managing group accounts   Explains how to use group accounts to restrict users’ access to resources on the network (by using security groups) or to share information with network users (by using distribution groups). Discusses how to add, configure, and customize group accounts.

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