Removing a DNS Server

Updated: May 9, 2008

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

To remove a Domain Name System (DNS) server from the network, perform the following procedures to make changes in zones where the server is configured as an authoritative server for the zone:

  1. Delete a Resource Record

    Use this procedure to remove the host (A) resource record for the server.

  2. Modify an Existing Resource Record

    Use this procedure to update the name server (NS) resource records, in zones where the server is configured as authoritative, to no longer include the server by name (as it appeared in the host (A) resource record that was deleted in procedure 1).

  3. Modify the Start-of-Authority (SOA) Resource Record for a Zone

    Use this procedure to revise the owner field of the start-of-authority (SOA) resource record for the zone to point to the new primary DNS server for the zone. (If the zone is a directory-integrated zone, this procedure is not necessary.)

  4. Verify a Zone Delegation

    Use this procedure to check the parent zone to ensure that any resource records (name server (NS) or host (A) resource records) that are used for delegation to the zone are revised and that they no longer point to the removed server.

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