Managing Full-Text Search for a Server Instance

System management includes tasks such as managing the FDHOST Launcher service (MSSQLFDLauncher), restarting filter daemon host process if you change the service account credentials, configuring server-wide full-text properties, and backing up full-text indexes. At the server level, for example, you can specify a default full-text language that differs from the default language of the server instance as a whole.


Full-text indexing is fully supported in a Microsoft Windows failover cluster environment.

Full-Text Search Upgrade

Discusses upgrading full-text catalogs to SQL Server 2008 during setup or when database files and full-text catalogs from a previous version of SQL Server are attached, restored, or copied using the Copy Database Wizard.

Backing Up and Restoring a SQL Server 2008 Full-Text Catalog

Discusses finding the full-text indexes of a full-text catalog, finding the filegroup or file that contains a full-text index, backing up the full-text indexes of a full-text catalog, and restoring a full-text index.

Monitoring Full-Text Search Activity on a Server Instance

Contains information about dynamic management views and functions that are useful for managing full-text search on a server instance.

Full-Text Server Properties (Transact-SQL)

Lists the full-text properties of a server instance that are useful in SQL Server 2008 and the Transact-SQL function that returns each property.

Server Management How-to Topics (Full-Text Search)

Contains step-by-step instructions for performing various tasks for managing full-text search on a server instance.