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Full-Text Index Properties (Columns Page)


To view or change the properties of a full-text index

UIElement List

Unique index

Select an index from the drop down list. The index must be a single-key-column, unique, non-nullable index.   

Select the eligible columns that will be full-text indexed

The grid displays the table columns that are available for this full-text index. Columns that are currently full-text indexed are checked. Optionally, you can check additional columns that you want to be full-text indexed.


Ensure that at least one column is checked before you click OK.

Available Columns

The column name.

Language for Word Breaker

The language whose word breakers and stemmers perform linguistic analysis on all full-text indexed data.

For more information, see Configure and Manage Word Breakers and Stemmers for Search and Choose a Language When Creating a Full-Text Index.


The name of the table column that holds the document type of the selected column. This is a read-only property.

Statistical Semantics

Select whether to enable semantic indexing for the selected column. For more information, see Semantic Search (SQL Server).

If you select a Language prior to selecting Statistical Semantics, and the selected language does not have an associated Semantic Language Model, then the Statistical Semantics checkbox is disabled. If you select Statistical Semantics prior to selecting a Language, the languages available in the drop-down combo box will be restricted to those for which there is Semantic Language Model support.

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