Processing the Sequence Clustering Model


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

After you create a new mining structure, you must deploy the changes that you made to the data mining solution, and then process the structure. After processing of both the new structure and the mining model is complete, you can browse the mining model.

Processing is always required when you create a new data mining structure. However, if you add a new mining model to an existing structure, you can process just the mining model. In this scenario, because you have created a new mining structure and a new mining model, you must process both.

To process the mining structure and model

  1. On the Mining Model menu of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), select Process Mining Structure and All Models.

  2. At the warning asking whether you want to build and deploy the project, click Yes.

  3. In the Process Mining Structure - Sequence Clustering with Region dialog box, click Run.

    The Process Progress dialog box opens to display information about model processing. Processing of the new structure and model might take some time.

  4. After processing is complete, click Close to exit the Process Progress dialog box.

  5. Click Close again to exit the Process Mining Structure - Sequence Clustering with Region dialog box.

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