Troubleshooting Reports: Report History or Snapshots

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After a report is published, you can create report snapshots or create a report history. Use this topic to help troubleshoot these issues.

In some cases, reports that include the User!UserID variable will fail to show report data that is specific to the current user who is viewing the report.

Under Certain Conditions, User!UserID Shows the ID of the Person or Report Process that Created the Report

The following conditions must be present in order for this failure to occur:

  • The report must be a report execution snapshot or a report history snapshot.

  • The report must be accessed programmatically through SOAP methods or through the report URL address.

When this failure occurs, user profile information in the report snapshot will be based on either of the following:

  • The identity of the user who created the report snapshot.

  • The account that the report server runs under if the snapshot is created by the report server as a scheduled operation.

Important note Important

Failure to update a report snapshot based on user profile information causes incorrect data and introduces a security risk if sensitive or confidential data is included in the snapshot.

User profile failures occur only for report snapshots that are opened through SOAP calls or through the URL address of the report snapshot. User!UserID is fully functional for reports that run on-demand and for all report snapshots that are opened from Report Manager. For more information about how report snapshots are called from Web service methods and URL access, see Using a URL to Access Report Server Items and Identifying Execution State.

For reports that must display data based on a user, specify the expected method of accessing the report for users to use.

To display the name of the User!UserID variable in a report, add a text box and type in the following text: Report run for [&UserID].

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