Troubleshooting Reports: Report Previewing Locally

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When you view a report in local preview, you are viewing a compiled report that has been sent to the HTML renderer. Use this topic to help troubleshoot these issues.

A report runs automatically when each report parameter has a valid default value.

To specify a valid default value for each parameter, use the Parameter Properties dialog box. For more information, see How to: Add, Change, or Delete Default Values for a Report Parameter (Reporting Services).

The on-demand processing architecture for Reporting Services processes only the page the user is currently viewing. Until the last page of the report is viewed, the number of pages in the report is unknown.

To circumvent the on-demand performance optimization, you can include the built-in variable [&TotalPages] in your report page header or page footer. However, this forces the entire report to be processed before the user can view the first page. For more information, see Troubleshooting Reports: Report Performance.

This is an internal warning message.

Local data cache ( needs to be refreshed

The dataset queries need to run again to refresh the cached data on the local client.

To refresh the data cache for the report that is affected, change a dataset query in the report. For projects with multiple reports, use the error message to determine which report caused the error by using, for example, the dataset name. Close BI Development Studio and delete the appropriate file for the report. Open the report project and run the report again. The data cache is refreshed.