How to Determine Your Version of Systems Management Server

Updated : April 1, 2003

Before you apply any service pack or update to Microsoft Systems Management Server, use the instructions on this page to verify the following:

  • The version of the last service pack that was installed.

  • Whether your Service Pack 2 (SP2) CD supports a full installation or an upgrade only.

Service Pack Version

To determine which SMS service pack CD you have, do the following:

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse the smssetup\bin\i386 directory of the Systems Management Server CD.

  2. Right-click the the Setup.exe file, and then select Properties.

  3. In the Product Version field, the first digit in the last set of numbers indicates the service pack number as follows:

    You Have This Service Pack

    If You See Numbers in This Range

    SMS 2.0, no service pack

    2.00.1239.0000 – 2.00.1239.0999

    SMS 2.0 SP1

    2.00.1380.1000 – 2.00.1380.1999

    SMS 2.0 SP2

    2.00.1493.2000 – 2.00.1493.2999

    SMS 2.0 SP3

    2.00.1493.3000 – 2.00.1493.3999

    SMS 2.0 SP4

    2.00.1493.4000 – 2.00.1493.4999

    SMS 2.0 SP5

    2.00.1493.5000 – 2.00.1493.5999

You can also determine the version of Systems Management Server 2.0 that is installed using one of the following methods:

  • In the SMS Administrator console, navigate to Site Hierarchy. The build number for each site is listed in the details pane.

  • In the site server registry, look at the version values in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Setup subkey.

  • On the SMS client, open Control Panel, and then open Systems Management. On the Components tab, look at the version number.

SP2 CD: Full or Upgrade

To determine whether your SP2 CD contains a full installation, upgrade only, or evaluation copy:

  1. Insert the SP2 CD, and then use Windows Explorer to browse the smssetup directory.

  2. Make sure that file details are visible, including file sizes. (Choose View > Details.)

  3. Compare the file size for the License.txt file against the following table to determine the type of installation you have.

You Have This Version

If You See This License.txt File Size

Full Installation


Upgrade Only


Evaluation Copy


You can also read the contents of the License.txt file to verify which version you have.

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