Part 2 - Installing SQL Server

"Installing SQL Server" covers everything you need to get Microsoft SQL Server up and running quickly and easily. The installing topics describe how to run SQL Server Setup and upgrade your current SQL Server system.

There are two primary topics to consider in a Microsoft SQL Server installation.



Running SQL Server Setup

Describes how to use the Setup program to add a new installation of SQL Server. SQL Server Setup lists all of your installation options and the components from which you can select, such as the database engine, interactive management tools, and reference materials.

Upgrading from an Earlier Version of SQL Server

Describes how you can upgrade from SQL Server version 6.xto SQL Server version 7.0. The SQL Server Upgrade Wizard upgrades any or all of your databases while transferring all catalog data, objects, and user data. The wizard can also transfer replication settings, SQL Executive settings, and most of the SQL Server 6.x configuration options.