Computer location

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Printers


Specifies the default location criteria used when searching for printers.

This policy is a component of the Location Tracking feature of Windows 2000 printers. To use this policy, enable Location Tracking by enabling the Pre-populate printer search location text policy.

When Location Tracking is enabled, the system uses the specified location as a criterion when users search for printers. The value you type here overrides the actual location of the computer conducting the search.

Type the location of the user's computer. When users search for printers, the system uses the specified location (and other search criteria) to find a printer nearby. You can also use this policy to direct users to a particular printer or group of printers that you want them to use.

If you disable this policy or do not configure it, and the user does not type a location as a search criterion, the system searches for a nearby printer based on the IP address and subnet mask of the user's computer.