Understanding Customization and Administration

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This chapter describes how you can tailor Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 to fit the needs of your organization. Information in this chapter applies to corporate administrators, Internet service providers, Internet content providers, independent software vendors, and developers.

The Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) provides a convenient way to alter the appearance and behavior of Internet Explorer and to customize Windows Update Setup for Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools. In addition, the IEAK enables corporate administrators to control many user actions, including file management, desktop behavior, and Internet usage. The IEAK also enables Internet service providers to develop tools and processes to sign up new customers.

In This Chapter

Reasons to Customize Internet Explorer

Using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit

Integrating Your Custom Solutions

Sample Scenarios

See Also

  • For more information about developing deployment, training, and support plans, which you will test during the pilot installation, see Chapter 9 , "Planning the Deployment."

  • For more information about preparing graphics files and obtaining digital signatures, see Chapter 12 , "Preparing for the IEAK."

  • For more information about building custom packages, see Chapter 15 , "Running the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard."

  • For more information about deploying Internet Explorer to your users following the pilot program, see Chapter 19 , "Deploying Microsoft Internet Explorer 5."