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task requeue


Updated: November 18, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2

Requeues the specified task or subtask, and inserts it as the next task or subtask in the queue.

For examples of how to use this command, see Examples.

task requeue <jobID>.<taskID>[.<subtaskId>] [/scheduler:<name>]
task requeue {/? | /help}




Specifies the task or subtask that you want to requeue. Only parametric tasks have subtasks. For a parametric task, you can requeue a subtask or the entire task.


Specifies the host name or IP address of the head node for the cluster that contains the task or subtask. The value must be a valid computer name or IP address. If you do not specify the /scheduler parameter, this command uses the scheduler on the head node that the CCP_SCHEDULER environment variable specifies.


Displays Help at the command prompt.


Displays Help at the command prompt.

  • You can only requeue a task that is in the Running, Canceled, or Failed state, and only if the job to which the task belongs is in the running state.

To requeue the first task in the job with a job identifier of 48, use the following command:

task requeue 48.1

To requeue the twelfth subtask or step of a parametric task that is the fourth task in the job with a job identifier of 95, use the following command:

task cancel 95.4.12
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