HKCU\Control Panel\Patterns

Data type


Default value


(None) | b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b8 ( in decimal )

170 85 170 85 170 85 170 85


Represents a pattern.

Change method

To change the values of the entries in this subkey, double-click Display in Control Panel. Click the Background tab, click the Pattern button, and then select a pattern from the list. You can edit the pattern by clicking the Edit Pattern button.

Note Image Note

The Pattern entry is a variable representing the entries under the HKCU\Control Panel\Patterns subkey. It does not actually appear in the registry. This variable entry is used to display information that is common to the entries in the Patterns subkey.

The values b1–b8 define a two-color pattern bitmap that is 8 pixels wide and 8 pixels high. Each b-number specifies the pattern for one row of the bitmap. The b-numbers are 8-bit binary values, which are entered in decimal. The bits in each b-number value represent a row of 8 pixels. If a bit is set to 0, the pixel it defines is set to the background color. If a bit is set to 1, the pixel it defines is set to the foreground color.

For example, if you set the b1 value to the decimal value 128, the top row of pixels in the bitmap appears as the binary equivalent, 10000000. The system interprets this to mean that the first pixel has the foreground color and the seven remaining pixels have the background color.

The background color is determined by the value of Background and the foreground color is determined by the value of WindowText, both of which appear in the Colors subkey.

Each entry in the Patterns subkey is named for and describes a pattern, and each has the REG_SZ data type.

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