Troubleshooting by Using Network Monitor

If a problem still exists after checking basic IAS configuration, the Network Monitor (NetMon) tool can be used to record a trace of the problem for further analysis.

When you use Network Monitor for IAS troubleshooting, consider the following:

  • NetMon must be installed on a computer that is running IAS server.

  • If you use NetMon in a switched network environment, you see only the traffic addressed to the computer that is running NetMon.
    For more information about setting up and using Network Monitor, see "Monitoring Network Performance" in the Microsoft ®  Windows ®  2000 Server Resource Kit Server Operations Guide .

Set up Network Monitor for RADIUS troubleshooting by filtering NetMon on RADIUS packets in a trace.

Perform the following steps:

To filter NetMon on RADIUS packets in a trace

  1. Capture trace of a problem.

  2. In the Display menu, select Filter .

  3. Select Protocol = Any and then click Edit Expression . Click Disable All to disable all of the protocols. In the right pane, select RADIUS protocol and then click Enable .

  4. Click OK .