Network Management Integration

Providing users with the ability to communicate, share data, and run applications across platforms allows organizations to develop more efficient and productive business processes. However, the integration process is not complete until network managers can monitor and control the integrated environment.

Table 10.4 summarizes the services SNA Server uses to integrate Windows 2000 Server–based management systems with IBM host management systems.

Table 10.4 Network Management Integration Services

Network Management Integration Services


SNA Server Manager

Single console for adding, configuring, monitoring, and controlling all SNA Server components. Allows simultaneous, remote management of subdomains, servers, services, connection, LUs, sessions, users, and groups.

Integration with Windows 2000 Server management services

Full integration with Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and Windows 2000 event monitoring, security, and performance monitoring.

Integration with IBM NetView network management system

Automatic reporting of host link alerts to NetView; supports Response Time Monitor (if supported by the 3270 emulator). Also supports Windows 2000 NVAlert Services and NVRunCmd for remote management of SNA Server from the host NetView console.