Disable automatic update of ADM files

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Group Policy


Prevents the system from updating the Administrative Templates source files automatically when you open Group Policy.

By default, when you start Group Policy, the system loads the most recently revised copies of the Administrative Templates source files (.adm) that it finds in the Systemroot \inf directory. The .adm files create the list of policies that appear under Administrative Templates in Group Policy.

If you enable this policy, the system loads the .adm files you used the last time you ran Group Policy. Thereafter, you must update the .adm files manually.

Note Image Note

Upgrading your .adm files does not overwrite your policy configuration settings. The settings are stored in Active Directory, not in the .adm files.

Tip-icon Tip

To upgrade your .adm files manually, in Group Policy, right-click the Administrative Templates folder (either instance), and then click Add/Remove Templates .