Determining Windows 2000 Storage Management Strategies

Network administrators who handle day-to-day network operations and who know the requirements of data management and storage systems need to become familiar with new Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server features related to storage management.

When you are planning your Windows 2000 deployment, it is recommended that you incorporate these new features into your storage management strategy. Disk Management, Removable Storage, Remote Storage, Windows Clustering, Distributed file system, Microsoft® Indexing Service, and other features can help you improve your storage management functions.

Considerations for selecting a data storage system, fault tolerance and backup strategies, and ways to improve your disaster recovery capabilities are also discussed in this chapter.

In This Chapter

Improving Your Storage Management Functions

Managing Disk Resources

Optimizing Data Management

Enhancing Data Protection

Improving Your Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Planning Task List for Storage Management

Chapter Goals

This chapter will help you develop the following planning documents:

  • Storage configuration policy

  • Disaster recovery plan

  • Storage management plan

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