Chapter 9 - Tools and Utilities

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The tools and utilities described in this chapter can help you manage and troubleshoot your databases and integrate SQL Server with other Microsoft products.

Detailed information about the tools can be found on the CD-ROM that accompanies Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.5 Resource Kit.

You can install the entire set of tools by running the Setup program for the BackOffice resource kit. You can install individual tools by running Setup.exe from the platform\sql\tool_name subdirectory on the CD-ROM:

  • platform = i386 (for x86-based computers) or alpha (for alpha-based computers) 

  • tool_name = the name of the tool 

The following is a list of the tools and utilities, with tool_name in parentheses.

Data Simulator (DataSim)

Generates simulated data based on random sampling of an existing database.

Data Sizer (DataSizer)

Approximates the sizes of database tables, with and without clustered indexes.

Database Generator (Dbgen)

An ODBC-based tool that helps users fill tables in a database. The generated data conforms to the distribution types chosen by the user for each column.

Database Library Gateway (DBLib Gateway)

Allows SQL Server 7.0 to connect to any SQL Server 6.x or SQL Server 4.x gateway.

Deadlock Demonstration (DeadlockDemo)

Demonstrates a deadlock and how to resolve it in Transact-SQL.

Log Shipping (Log Shipping)

Provides a foundation for building customized "warm-backup" solutions.

Quick Reference to Transact-SQL (Quick Reference to TSQL)

Documents which Transact-SQL statements are ANSI standard.

Service Tools (Service Tools)

Two command-prompt tools. One checks service status from within batch files; the other stops and starts SQL Server services like MSSQLServer and SQLServerAgent from a remote computer.

SQL Execution Timer XP (SQL Execution Timer)

An extended stored procedure that is an execution timer.

SQL Hard Disk Test Utility (Sqlhdtst)

Tests a hard drive for functionality and errors.

SQL Load Simulator (SqlLS)

Provides the ability to simulate a large number of connections to SQL Server from a single workstation.

SQL Namespace Browser (SQL Namespace Browser)

Is a graphical browser for SQL Namespace objects.

SQL Synchronization Tools (SQL Synchronization Tools)

Is a command-prompt utility that synchronizes batch files using named events.

Trace Analyzer Application (TraceAnalyzerApp)

Is an OLAP trace analyzer.

Trace Reader (TraceReader)

Is a trace reader for COM objects.

Trace Scripts (TraceScripts)

Creates traces using the SQL Server trace extended stored procedures.

VB to Transact-SQL Converter (Vbtosql)

Changes the formatting of a query so that it fits conveniently in a Visual Basic application.