Remote Print Provider

A Windows 2000-based client has three remote print providers. When the server receives a print job from a client, the print router polls the remote print providers and passes the job to the first one that recognizes the printer name. On a Windows-based network, this provider is Win32spl.dll. Win32spl.dll sends jobs to print servers, such as those running Microsoft® Windows NT or Microsoft® Windows for Workgroups.

Win32spl.dll performs specific processing based on the type of target print server:

  • For a Windows 2000 print server, Win32spl.dll makes an RPC connection to the spooler on the server (Spoolsv.exe) which makes a call to the print router (Spoolss.dll). The print router receives the job over the network and passes it to the local print provider as if a local client had submitted it.

  • For a print server with Windows for Workgroups or OS/2, Win32spl.dll sends a message to the Windows 2000 redirector, which then forwards the job over the network to the server.