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Network Printing

By using a computer that is running Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server as your network print server, you can print from any operating systems that your networked computers use. Computers that are running Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional can print easily, even across the Internet. Computers that are running Microsoft® Windows NT® version 4.0 and earlier, Microsoft® Windows® 95, and Microsoft® Windows® 98, do not require manual installation of a printer driver, because print resources are provided automatically from each application. Computers that are running UNIX, NetWare, and Macintosh operating systems can submit print jobs using Print Services for Unix, File and Print Services for NetWare, and Print Server for Macintosh, respectively.



This chapter concerns itself primarily with printing across a network and regards Windows 2000 Server as a dedicated print server. For general information about printing, such as creating print jobs and sending them to a printer, see the Microsoft ® Windows ®  2000 Professional Resource Kit .

In This Chapter

Introduction to Network Printing


Sharing Printers

Working with Other Operating Systems

Printing and Active Directory

Printing and Clusters

Monitoring Printer Performance

Related Information in the Resource Kit

  • For information about using a computer that is running Windows 2000 Professional as a peer-to-peer print server for a small LAN (10 or fewer connections), see "Connecting to Microsoft Peer-to-Peer Networks" in the Microsoft ® Windows ®  2000 Professional Resource Kit .

  • For more information about using printing resources with Active Directory, see the Microsoft ® Windows ®  2000 Server Resource Kit Distributed Systems Guide .

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