Customizing and Automating Installations

In an organization with a large number of computers, it is more cost effective to automate the installation of Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional than it is to use the standard interactive Setup program to install it manually on individual computers. Windows 2000 Professional includes methods and tools that allow you to add specific components and applications to your installation and to distribute that customized installation to the end-user with little or no intervention. In Windows 2000 Professional, you customize your installation by using answer files and by adding files and applications of your choice to a distribution folder. There are a variety of tools that you can use to distribute customized Windows 2000 Professional installations to destination computers. The method you use depends on your current environment and needs.

In This Chapter

Quick Guide to Customizing and Automating Installations

Overview of Customizing and Automating Installations

Step 1: Plan

Step 2: Prepare

Step 3: Customize

Step 4: Deploy

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