Using Microsoft BizTalk Adapter v2.0 for mySAP Business Suite to Integrate BizTalk Server 2006 with SAP ERP

In today's world of globalization, it is necessary to rapidly build and deploy automated business processes. These processes may include multiple line-of-business applications existing within an organization or spanning multiple organizations. BizTalk Server 2006 is an integration product, part of the Microsoft Windows Server System™, which helps organizations efficiently and effectively connect various systems, applications, employees, and trading partners through manageable business processes. Microsoft and its partners provide a range of adapters to extend the functionality of BizTalk Server and enable easier integration between heterogeneous systems, reducing the installation, development, deployment, and configuration time.

The Microsoft BizTalk Adapter v2.0 for mySAP Business Suite, hereafter referred to as the Adapter, is one such adapter. It is used to integrate BizTalk Server with SAP® ERP systems—one of the world’s most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products. As a large number of SAP customers are dependent on a variety of complementary applications that are built on other platforms such as Microsoft .NET and J2EE, more often than not, these applications need to exchange data between themselves, and with SAP.

This white paper describes how organizations can take advantage of the capabilities of the Adapter to connect BizTalk Server with mySAP ERP.

Who Should Read This White Paper?

The audiences for this white paper are technical decision makers and architects. It is designed to help them understand the functionality, technical details, and scenarios in which they can use the Adapter. Though the reader is not expected to have in-depth knowledge of BizTalk Server 2006 or mySAP ERP, a basic knowledge about these products is required.

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