BizTalk Server 2006 Adapter Enhancements

Published: November 7, 2005

This white paper discusses both the new built-in adapters that will ship with BizTalk Server 2006 and enhancements to the existing built-in adapters. Specifically, the paper describes the capabilities of the new POP3 adapter for integrating with common E-mail messaging systems and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server adapter, which enables the easy presentation of BizTalk data in the Sharepoint Portal Server. Additionally we will review improvements to the SMTP, File and HTTP adapters, which shipped with previous versions of BizTalk Server.

Topics covered in this paper include the following:

New Adapters

  • POP3 Adapter

  • POP3 Adapter Example

  • How to Configure the POP3 Adapter

  • Windows SharePoint Services

  • Configuring a WSS Receive location

  • Configuring a WSS Send Port

  • MSMQ Adapter

  • Configuring MSMQ Receive

  • Configuring MSMQ Send

  • MQ Series Adapter

  • Dynamic Receive

Updated Adapters

  • SMTP Adapter

  • How to Configure the SMTP Adapter

  • File Adapter

  • File Adapter Property page UI

  • Alternative Credentials

  • Advance Settings

  • Performance Counters

  • HTTP Adapter

  • Suspend Failed Requests

  • Performance Counters


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