Defining networks

You can create and configure Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway networks to represent your physical network structure by using the Getting Started Wizard or the New Network Wizard.

Use the Getting Started Wizard in the following circumstances:

  • Directly following installation to configure up to three network adapters. These network adapters will be associated with the default Internal network, the External network, and a perimeter network.
  • If at any time you add a second or third network adapter.
  • To make a change in the address range or DNS settings for an existing adapter associated with the Internal, External or perimeter network.

Use the New Network Wizard if you want to add more than three network adapters. Before configuring networks, see Before creating networks.

Using the Getting Started Wizard, you select a network topology that most closely matches your Forefront TMG deployment. The wizard helps you to define the networks required for the topology. 

For instructions about creating networks with the Getting Started Wizard, see Configuring initial deployment settings.

You can use the New Network Wizard to create a custom internal or perimeter network. For more information about these network types, see Networks.

  1. In the Forefront TMG Management console tree, click Networking.

  2. On the Tasks tab, click Create a New Network.

  3. Follow the wizard instructions. You can either specify an IP address range for the network, or configure the range by selecting the adapter associated with the network.