Configuring deployment settings

The Deployment Wizard section of the Getting Started Wizard helps you to configure your Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway network topology. For information about running the Getting Started Wizard, see Configuring initial deployment settings.

To run the Deployment Wizard do the following:

  1. In the Getting Started Wizard, click Define deployment options.

  2. On the Microsoft Update Setup page, click Use the Microsoft Update service to check for updates (recommended) to specify that the Microsoft Update service should be used to obtain malware updates. The Microsoft Update service also provides other updates, including operating system updates and Forefront TMG updates.

If this computer is configured to receive updates from Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), it is not affected by the settings on this page. If you stop using WSUS for this computer, the settings on this page are then applied.
  1. On the Definition Update Settings page, specify how malware scanning signature updates are obtained. Select Check and install to update definitions automatically. Select Check only if you want to be informed of available updates but not to install them automatically. In Automatic Update Action Polling Frequency, specify how frequently updates should be checked.
For more information, see Overview of malware inspection. Malware inspection is available for evaluation for 90 days. After this period, a license is required. Note that when running Forefront TMG as part of Essential Business Server, a license is provided for one year. 
  1. On the Customer Feedback page, click Yes, I am willing to participate anonymously to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program. This program helps Microsoft to improve the quality and reliability of Forefront TMG. If you join the program, Microsoft collects anonymous information about hardware configuration, use of software and services, and trend patterns. No personally identifiable information is collected.
For more information about Customer Feedback Mechanisms, see Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.
  1. On the Microsoft Telemetry Service page, select Join with a basic membership to specify that basic information about malware threats will be reported to Microsoft. Select Join with an advanced membership to provide additional information.