Configuring system settings

You can configure common operating system settings and computer settings in the Forefront TMG Management console. These settings include modifying the computer name and domain membership, viewing certificates installed on the computer, configuring local users and groups, adjusting date and time settings, and restarting the computer.

Where to start: In the Forefront TMG Management console tree, click the System node. Click the Servers tab, and then select the server.

  1. On the Tasks pane, click Modify Computer Details.
  2. Specify the computer name, and join it to a domain or workgroup. Note that joining the computer to a domain requires a restart.

  1. On the Tasks pane, click Browse Computer Certificates.
  2. In the Certificates management console, view the certificates installed on the computer.

  1. On the Tasks pane, click Manage Users and Groups.
  2. In the Local Users and Groups management console, view and manage accounts on the local computer.

  1. On the Tasks pane, click Adjust Date and Time.
  2. Set the date and time on the local computer. You can also set the time zone. Click Additional Clocks to display the time in other time zones.

  1. To shut down the computer, click Shut Down on the Tasks tab.
  2. To restart the computer, click Restart on the Tasks tab.