Configuring Web access

This section contains information about configuring Web access in your organization.

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway uses a set of access rules and configuration settings to control which clients can access the Internet, which Web sites are available, and how Web traffic is inspected. You can create access rules manually or use the Forefront TMG Web Access Wizard to create a basic Web access policy. Using the Web Access Wizard, you can do the following:

  • Allow anonymous Internet access or require users to authenticate
  • Create access rules that allow or deny access to specific Web sites or groups of sites
  • Configure a default Web access policy that allows or denies access to Web sites that are not specifically mentioned in access rules
  • Exempt specific users from rules that block Internet access
  • Enable caching of Web content for faster access and reduced bandwidth
  • Configure antivirus scanning to inspect Web content for malware

For instructions, see Configuring a Web access policy.