Designing and Implementing Reports Using Report Builder 2.0

Report Builder 2.0 is a report authoring environment for business users who prefer to work in the familiar Microsoft Office environment. You can use Report Builder 2.0 to work with data, define a layout, preview a report, and publish a report to a report server or SharePoint site. Report Builder 2.0 includes query builders and an expression editor. It also supports the advanced reporting features found in SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

You can use Report Builder 2.0 to create reports with multiple data regions (such as tables and charts), as well as data from multiple data sources within a single report. Report Builder 2.0 also supports queries that run directly against relational data sources and multidimensional data sources, as well as user-friendly data access via published report models.

With Report Builder, you can customize and update reports that were created in Report Designer or Report Builder 1.0. Report Builder 2.0 features easy-to-use wizards that walk you through the steps to create a simple table, matrix, or chart report.

Getting Started with Report Builder 2.0

Explains how to get started, discusses terminology and concepts, and presents a short, offline tutorial.

Working in Report Builder 2.0

Gives an overview of the authoring environment.

Connecting to Your Data (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes using embedded and shared data sources and creating datasets, and describes the supported data sources.

Designing the Report Layout (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes creating and working with tables, matrices, charts, and gauges, adding interactive elements, and formatting reports.

Working with Your Data (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes filtering, sorting, and grouping your data, and adding parameters and expressions to get just the data you want in your report.

Finding, Saving, and Managing Reports (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes finding, viewing, managing, and saving your reports, in Report Builder and in Report Manager.

Exporting Reports (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes exporting, rendering, and pagination of your reports.

Printing Reports (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes printing Report Builder 2.0 reports from a browser or other applications.

Tutorials (Report Builder 2.0)

Lists all the tutorials available to introduce you to the capabilities and features of Report Builder 2.0, starting with a basic table report and moving on to parameters and charts.

Glossary (Report Builder 2.0)

Provides a list of useful terms you may encounter while using Report Builder 2.0.

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