How to: Show Hidden Datasets (Report Builder 2.0)

Your report might include automatically-generated datasets (also known as hidden datasets) that do not appear by default in the Report Data pane. These datasets are created in the following ways:

  • In some query designers for multidimensional databases, you can specify fields to filter on in the filter area of the query pane, and select whether to create a query parameter for the filter. If you select the parameter option, report datasets are automatically created to provide valid values for the report parameter.

  • If you import a query based on multidimensional databases, you might also include hidden datasets in your report.

Hidden datasets are not available to use from a wizard.

You can enable a view in the Report Data pane to display all datasets in the report.

To display hidden datasets

  • In Design view, right-click an empty area of the Report Data pane, and then click Show Hidden Datasets.

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