Formatting Report Items (Report Builder 2.0)

Formatting the items in your report makes the report look more attractive and enhances its readability. You can format the text boxes and individual items within text boxes, the images, the expressions, and the data while in design mode.

You can change formatting options by selecting the item that you want to format and then opening the item's Properties dialog box. For example, if you want to format the contents of an entire text box or a selected word within the text box, right-click the item and select Text Box Properties. Then, you can apply the formatting styles that you want.

Formatting Text and Importing HTML (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes how to format rich text, customize format options for different blocks of text within a text box, and how to insert HTML into a report.

Formatting Numbers and Dates (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes how to use the Microsoft .NET Framework standard and custom formatting strings that are supported by Reporting Services.

Formatting Lines, Colors, and Images (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes how to format lines, gridlines, colors, and images within report items and data regions.

Adding Conditional Formatting (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes how to define conditional formatting that changes based on data values and add interlaced formatting.

Creating Newsletter-Style Reports (Report Builder 2.0)

Describes best practices for creating a newsletter-style reports.

Formatting a Chart (Report Builder 2.0)

Discusses how to define series colors and styles, format axis labels and modify the entries in the legend.

Formatting a Gauge (Report Builder 2.0)

Discusses how to format scales, pointers, ranges and other elements on a gauge.

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