Hosted SharePoint 2007 Import Namespace

This section provides the details of the Hosted SharePoint 2007 Import Namespace included with the Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS). The Hosted SharePoint 2007 Import Namespace is designed for importing existing SharePoint objects into MPS.

All procedures defined in Hosted SharePoint 2007 Import require Domain Admin privilege to execute.

The procedures in this namespace are for migration purpose from Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 3.5. With earlier versions such as Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 3.0, you need to do clean deployment.

Public Methods

Public MethodDescription

Hosted SharePoint 2007 Import::ImportSharePointSiteCollections

This procedure imports existing existing SharePoint site collections.


The following table lists common exceptions that can be raised by the procedures in namespace Hosted SharePoint 2007 Import.

Error CodeMessageConditions


The argument '%1' cannot be null.

A required argument was supplied without a value.


The required argument %1 was not supplied.

A required argument was not supplied in the request.


Insufficient Privilege! Not Domain Administrator.

A procedure was run with credentials not belonging to a user that is a member of domain admins.


The organization does not belong to a SharePoint Hosting service Plan.

The organization was not subscribed to a SharePoint Hosting Plan prior to attempting this operation.


Invalid Customer.

The specified user or organization was not found in the Plan Manager database.


The site collection with the URL '%1' has already been imported.

An attempt was made to import a Site Collection already owned by the specified organization.

Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.0 Migration Kit