Step 5h: Running the Add MDM Gateway Wizard


You run the Add MDM Gateway Wizard from Mobile Device Manager Console. This wizard configures MDM Gateway Server with an address pool for connecting Windows Mobile devices, Domain Name System (DNS) and Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) server settings, and an internal URL for remote MDM Gateway Server management.

For steps 5 and 6 in the procedure below, you will be asked to configure an address pool for MDM Gateway Server. If you are using multiple instances of MDM in your environment, you must configure separate IP address ranges for each instance. If they are not different, an IP address might be assigned to two different devices, and you will experience synchronization and connectivity issues.

  1. On MDM Device Management Server, or any server that has MDM Console installed, choose Start, choose All Programs, choose Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager, and then choose Mobile Device Manager Console.

  2. Expand Mobile Device Manager, and then select Gateway Management. In the Actions pane, select Add MDM Gateway Wizard.

  3. On the Introduction page, type a name for MDM Gateway Server. Choose Next.

  4. On the Access Points page, type the external Internet-facing address that Windows Mobile devices will connect to for communication. In the Name box, type the DNS entry for remote MDM Gateway Server management, and then in the Port box, type the port value that you want to use. This site will be an internal management site. Choose Next.

    It is important to supply the correct IP addresses and DNS entries on this screen for both external IPsec communication and the management interface. The access point port should be the same port that you specified during MDM Gateway Server Setup. For remote management, this should be the same name as specified in the certificate. You must be able to access this DNS entry from MDM Device Management Server. For a list of MDM Shell cmdlets to use with MDM Gateway Server, see MDM Shell in the MDM Operations help files.
  5. On the Gateway Address Pool page, choose Add.

  6. On the Network Subnet page, type the IP Address network and Subnet Mask so that mobile clients can receive IP addresses. This will serve as an address pool for clients. Choose OK and then choose Next. For the MDM Gateway Server address pool, all CIDR format subnet mask lengths greater than or equal to /16 are supported. For example, “/26.”

    Source-based routing enables MDM Gateway Server to redirect managed device IPsec traffic to a different default gateway other than itself. To enable this feature, in Routing Configuration, select the Redirect traffic from mobile devices through this gateway option, and then type the IP Address for the default gateway. If you enter an invalid or unresolvable IP address the MDM Gateway Server will not be able to accept its configuration from the MDM Device Management Server. An error message will be displayed in MDM Console for MDM Gateway Server. Errors will also be generated in both the MDM Gateway Server and MDM Device Management Server event viewer logs. For more information about the benefits of source-based routing, see the MDM Planning Guide.
  7. On the Gateway DNS/WINS page, type the name of a primary and secondary DNS or WINS server. At least one DNS server is required. Choose Next.

  8. On the Add Gateway page, choose Add. Choose Finish to close the wizard. To verify that Mobile Device Manager Gateway Central Management can communicate with MDM Gateway Server, open MDM Console. Expand Mobile Device Manager and then select Gateway Management. In the details pane, the sync state value for MDM Gateway Server should read Up to date.