Using My Reports (Report Builder 2.0)

On a report server configured in native mode, the My Reports folder is a personal workspace that you can use to store and work with reports that you own. Other report server folders are public and typically require users to have advanced permissions to add to or modify folder contents. In contrast, the My Reports folder is a user-managed workspace. You can add or remove reports and folders and save linked reports with personalized settings.

Conceptually, the My Reports folder is similar to the My Documents folder in the Windows file system. Although each user has a folder called My Reports, the folder that each accesses is different from all other users. Except for report server administrators, other users cannot access the contents of the My Reports folder that belongs to you.

The My Reports feature is optional and can be disabled by a report server administrator. If it is enabled, you will see a My Reports folder in the Home folder, which you can access using the Report Manager or a Web browser. For more information, see Finding and Viewing Reports in Report Manager (Report Builder 2.0).

The text string "My Reports" is localized based on the locale of the report server. For more information about using Reporting Services in a multilingual environment, see "Deploying Reporting Services in a Global Environment" in the Reporting Services documentation in SQL Server Books Online.

On a report server configured in SharePoint integrated mode, there is no equivalent to the My Reports folder. For more information, see Viewing and Managing Report Server Items from a SharePoint Site (Report Builder 2.0).

My Reports is empty until you add reports, folders, and other items. Here are some ways to add content to My Reports.

Usually, permissions on My Reports allow you to manage the folder yourself. However, the report server administrator ultimately determines which tasks users can perform. If insufficient permissions prevent you from working with My Reports, see your report server administrator.

When you search a report server database, the contents of your My Reports folder are included in the search, while the contents of other user's My Reports folders are excluded. Search results list only the reports to which you have access.

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