How to: Start Report Manager (Report Manager)

Report Manager is an ASP.NET application that you can use to manage content and operations on a report server instance. To start Report Manager, you must type the Report Manager URL. The Report Manager URL is defined in the Reporting Services Configuration tool. If you are not sure what the URL address is for Report Manager, start the Report Services Configuration tool and open the Report Manager URL page or ask the system administrator for the report server.

On a new installation, only local administrators have sufficient permissions to work with content and settings. To grant permissions to other users, a local administrator must create role assignments that provide access to the report server. The application pages and tasks that a user can subsequently access will depend on the role assignments for that user. For more information, see "How to: Add a User to the Report Server" in the Reporting Services documentation in SQL Server Books Online.


If you are using Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, you must configure Report Manager for local administration. For more information, see "How to: Configure Reporting Services on Windows Vista" .

To start Report Manager from a browser

  1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

  2. In the address bar of the Web browser, type the Report Manager URL. By default, the URL is http://<ComputerName>/reports. The report server might be configured to use a specific port. For example, http:// <ComputerName>:80/reports or http:// <ComputerName>:8080/reports.

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