Getting Started for Mobile Device Manager


This section provides information to help you understand System Center Mobile Device Manager and the available tools and resources.

What's New in Mobile Device Manager 2008 SP1

Provides an overview of the new features in MDM 2008 SP1 and changes to the documentation.

Overview of Mobile Device Manager

Provides an overview of MDM, including an overview of network connectivity, security considerations, device management, and connectivity options.

System Requirements for MDM Servers and Managed Devices

Lists requirements for MDM servers and managed devices.

Roadmap to Deploying Mobile Device Manager

Provides a roadmap to deploying MDM.

Mobile Device Manager Resource Kit Tools and Documentation

Provides information about tools, downloadable documentation, and other resources that are available for MDM.

Mobile Device Manager Frequently Asked Questions

Provides answers to frequently asked questions about MDM.

Mobile Device Manager 2008 SP1 Release Notes

Describes issues in the MDM 2008 SP1 release that are not included in other MDM documents. This is an updated version of the Release Notes.htm file on the MDM 2008 SP1 installation disc.