Step 5g: Setting the Gateway URI for MDM Managed Devices


The Windows Mobile device needs the Domain Name System (DNS) name for MDM Gateway Server to begin IPsec communication. You must enter a cmdlet through MDM Shell to achieve this. You must run the cmdlet on a computer that has the MDM Administrator Tools component, MDM Console, installed. You should specify a DNS name that maps to the IP Address for MDM Gateway Server. If you use DNS load balancing for multiple computers that are running MDM Gateway Server, you should map all IP addresses for all computers that are running MDM Gateway Server to the DNS name. Mobile devices enrolled with the incorrect MDM Gateway Server URI will try to contact that URI, but will be unmanageable until you correct the URI and re-enroll the device.

For a single MDM Gateway Server,the use of an IP address for the URI is not advised because the IP address may need to change in the future. If the IP address changes, all enrolled devices will continue to attempt virtual private network (VPN) connections to the old IP address until they are wiped and re-enrolled.

  1. On a computer that has MDM Console, choose Start, choose All Programs, choose Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager, and then choose Mobile Device Manager Shell.

  2. In MDM Shell, run the following cmdlet:

    Set-EnrollmentConfig -GatewayURI [External Gateway DNS]