Step 5d: Creating and Importing the MDM Gateway Server Configuration File


The MDM Gateway Server references an XML-based certificate template object identifier list to permit or deny network traffic through its interfaces. MDM communication components, such as the Gateway Central Management (GCM) service, must use certificates that have object identifiers that match the reference list to communicate with the MDM Gateway Server. This allows for one MDM instance to be separate from another MDM instance.

You use the following procedure to produce the GatewayConfig.xml file and import it onto the MDM Gateway Server.

  1. From MDM Shell on a domain-joined computer, type the following command and press ENTER:


    This script generates a file called GatewayConfig.xml and places it in the current directory. Type the command dir GatewayConfig.xml to verify that it was created.

  2. Copy the GatewayConfig.xml file to the MDM Gateway Server. Create a folder for this file and place the GatewayConfig.xml inside. An example would be C:\Gateway Configuration\GatewayConfig.xml. In the next step, Step 5e: Running MDM Gateway Server Setup, you will be asked to locate this file during the installation process.

    Creating a folder for GatewayConfig.xml is optional. You may place it in any folder. However it is recommended that you place it in a secure location, and in a directory that you can easily find.