MDM Self Service Portal Deployment and Customization


System Center Mobile Device Manager Self Service Portal is a Web-based interface that lets users manage their Windows Mobile devices. On this portal, based on settings you configure, users enroll their Windows Mobile devices, monitor enrollment status, retrieve a recovery password to reset their device password, and wipe managed devices that they no longer want or that are no longer in their possession. You install MDM Self Service Portal by running MDM 2008 SP1 Setup and selecting the wizard that installs the portal. Then you configure the portal to suit your organization's needs.

MDM Self Service Portal also serves as a solution starter that you can use as an example for a custom self-service site. This section includes information about using the portal code as a starting point for developing your own self-service portal.

Deploying MDM Self Service Portal

Provides information on deploying and customizing MDM Self Service Portal.

Creating a Custom MDM Self Service Portal

Provides guidance on using MDM Self Service Portal code as a starting point for providing your own custom self-service site for MDM.