MDM Self Service Portal Overview


MDM Self Service Portal is a Web-based application that lets authorized users to access company resources and services from inside the company network, or through a virtual private network (VPN).

The following list shows what MDM Self Service Portal provides:

  • A Web-based means for users to begin device pre-enrollment for their Windows Mobile devices
  • A Web-based means to view their managed Windows Mobile devices and to perform a limited set of actions on them
  • Software that administrators can install, manage and configure as a self-service portal for their company
  • A solution starter that administrators can use as an example for custom self-service sites

The following illustration shows you how users can access MDM Self Service Portal, and how the portal connects to MDM servers and other components within the company network.

Although it is possible, we recommend that you do not install MDM Self Service Portal on the same server as either MDM Enrollment Server or MDM Device Management Server.

A scaled-out configuration topology for MDM Self Service Portal is the recommended configuration for a production enterprise environment. This configuration allows for the greatest availability and scalability.

The following illustration shows a scaled-out topology for MDM Self Service Portal.


The following numbers are highlights of this topology as shown in the illustration:

  • 1: Multiple servers that are running MDM Self Service Portal.
  • 2: Hardware or software load balancing for the MDM Self Service Portal servers. IP affinity must be enabled for managed device traffic that is destined for the load balancer in front of MDM Self Service Portal.
    If you are using Windows Integrated Authentication, you may need to take steps to disable the IIS loopback check. For more information, see the following Microsoft Web page:
  • 3: MDM Self Service Portal configurations are stored on each server. Therefore, you need to log on to each MDM Self Service Portal server in the load balanced configuration and ensure that all servers have the same configuration options. For more information about how to configure MDM Self Service Portal, see Configure MDM Self Service Portal.