Preparing to deploy IAG client components with the Client Component installer

Updated: February 10, 2010

Applies To: Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG)

Install Whale Communications Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007 client endpoint components using the Whale Client Components Installer for end-users who do not have ActiveX download rights in Windows Internet Explorer and are logged in with power-user or Administrator privileges. It can also be used on browsers other than Internet Explorer, by end-users who are logged in with administrator privileges in order to install the Network Connector component.

In this mode, users can download an auto-install file onto their computer by using either an “installer” toolbar button or a link on the portal homepage. They can then log out of the site and use this file to install the components in an offline mode.

In order to install client components in this mode, the following steps have to be taken:

  • Configure the Whale Client Components nstaller

  • End-users need to install the components on client endpoints

In order for client endpoints to be able to use the Whale Client Components installer, you need to add a link to the auto-install file on the portal home page. Do one of the following:

  • If you use the toolbar with the portal homepage, enable the Whale Client Components Installer button and define which installation file is used. For more information, see Modifying the default IAG portal home page.

    When using the toolbar, the button is only visible on endpoint computers running a Windows operating system.

  • If you use a custom homepage that does not include the toolbar, add a link to the file on the custom page. For details, see Creating a custom IAG portal home page.

The following table lists the files used to install components provided by the Whale Client Components installer.

Whale Client Components Installer–installation options


File Installs the following components:


Basic components: Attachment Wiper, Client Trace Utility, Endpoint Detection, SSL Wrapper ActiveX component.


Basic components + Network Connector component.


Basic components + Socket Forwarding component.


Basic components + Network Connector component + Socket Forwarding component.


Network Connector component only, without the basic components.

If the installation detects that client components are already installed on the computer, it upgrades any of the components that are of older versions, even if their installation is not enabled in the current installation configuration.

When using the toolbar, the “Network Connector component only” installer is always downloaded on browsers other than Internet Explorer, such as Netscape Navigator or Mozilla Firefox, so that the Network Connector client can run via the SSL Wrapper Java applet.

Installing the IAG client components using the Whale Client Components Installer

After you configure the Whale Client Components Installer, users can download the installer onto their computer by using the installer button or link on the portal home page, as follows:

To install the Whale Client Components via the Installer

  1. If the toolbar is used, at the portal homepage, on the toolbar, end-users should click the Component Installer button.

    If the toolbar is not used, at the portal homepage, end-users should click the link to the installer.

    The file that was defined during the configuration of the button or link is downloaded onto the computer. When prompted, click Save.

  2. End-users should log off the portal, using the site’s logout mechanism, and close all the browser windows that were opened through the portal.

    For example: in sites that use the Whale toolbar, click the Logout button to log out of the portal.

  3. End-users should then run the downloaded file.

    The Whale Client Components Installation Wizard starts.

  4. End-user should then follow the instructions in order to complete the wizard and install the components on the computer.